Tube & Clamp / Tubeloc Scaffolding

Tubeloc or Tube & Clamp ScaffoldDesigned to make difficult areas easy to access, Tube & Clamp Scaffolding is typically utilized only in industrial projects. If your project is in new construction or refurbishing, the right choice is almost always a Masonry Scaffolding or Plaster Scaffolding setup. If the jobsite is a refinery, drilling platform or other industrial application, however, Tube & Clamp (Tubeloc) or System Scaffolding may be ideal. These two options are highly flexible and customizable. For jobs that require heavier loads on the work platform, System Scaffolding is used; Tubeloc is designed to withstand stresses of up to 50 pounds per square foot, while System Scaffolding can support 75 pounds per square foot. To ensure that you select the right scaffolding to match the specific needs of your project, please contact a Rolls representative at 805-988-8825, or toll-free in California at 1-800-523-4775. Our professionals can quickly analyze your project requirements and generate a quote.

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For more information on selection and Tube & Clamp / Tubeloc Scaffolding, please visit the pages on Determining Your Needs and Key Features.

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