Scaffolding Accessories: Rolling Towers

Rolls has Rolling Scaffolds that can be configured from 3′ to 30′ high. Rolling TowersRolls has the component parts assemble a scaffold and meet the needs of your task.

Small units such as Baker Scaffolds, Speedtowers and Reddi-Rolls are available for your use.

Steel Rolling Scaffolds

Frames are 30″, 3′ and 5′ wide by 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6’6″ high. Single box denotes rungs on only one side of frame. Double box denotes rungs running across frames. Rolling scaffolds height is increased by simply adding more frames to scaffold. Each section consists of 2 frames and 2 crosses.

COMPONENTS: Standard crosses are usually 7 feet or 10 feet long.

GOOSERS: One diagonal brace across base of scaffold (gooser) is required to prevent racking. On high scaffolds over 20 feet additional goosers are required. Check federal and local safety codes.

 8″ rubber tired (500 lb.) casters that lock on the wheel and stem are recommended.

SCREW JACKS: Screw jacks are optional. If you require an exact height, the screw jacks will give you that adjustment. If your work is overhead, on ceilings or ducts, the screw jacks will pay for themselves in a short time.

GUARD RAILS: Guard rails are required as specified by the (OSHA) federal safety regulations. Scaffold illustrated requires 4 frames, 4 crosses, 1 gooser, 4 guard rail posts – 8 guard rails, 4 screw jacks, four 8″ casters and toeboards.

IMPORTANT RULE – When assembling a rolling tower, ALWAYS USE HORIZONTAL BRACES on the frame section. This prevents the tower from “racking” (getting out of square). Horizontal braces must be used at the bottom and at every 20′ height on rolling towers measured from the rolling surface.

Fast, easy assembly of standard components into any size or type of rolling tower.

Wide range of accessories permit assembling a tower to meet any working requirement or job condition.

If there is anything we can help or advise you on don’t hesitate to contact a Rolls representative. Our goal is to assist you in getting your job done safely and economically.

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