Scaffolding: System Scaffolding

Masonry Scaffolding and Plaster Scaffolding dominate the rental market, and account for approximately 95 percent of our business. If you are a typical Rolls customer, and your project involves workers in the skilled construction trades, the right choice is almost always one of these two setups.

If the jobsite is a refinery, drilling platform or other industrial application, however, you may find that your needs can only be met with Tube & Clamp (Tubeloc) or System Scaffolding. These two options are highly flexible and customizable, and are designed for specialized use in industrial settings. One of the key differences between Tubeloc Scaffolds and System Scaffolds is load capacity; Tubeloc is designed to withstand stresses of up to 50 pounds per square foot, while System Scaffolding is the more heavy-duty option, supporting 75 pounds per square foot.

To ensure that you select the right scaffolding to match the specific needs of your project, please contact a Rolls representative at 805-988-8825, or toll-free in California at 1-800-523-4775. Our professionals can quickly assess your project requirements in depth and present you with a quote.

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