Scaffolding: Plaster Scaffolding

Plaster Scaffolding is utilized for new construction or refurbishing projects, and can be configured for residential or large multistory buildings. Plaster Scaffolding is a lighter-duty option to Masonry Scaffolding. While Masonry workers need to work alongside large loads of block and other materials, workers in other skilled construction trades – including plaster, drywall, painting, and insulation – do not require access to heavy construction materials on the work platform. Thus, not as much load capacity is required for Plaster Scaffolds; they are designed to accommodate stress of only 25 pounds per square foot, as compared to the 75 pounds per square foot for Masonry Scaffolding. In addition to load requirements, work platform dimensions may affect your choice of scaffolding. Plaster Scaffold planking is only 3 feet wide, with 10-foot centers. If for any reason you require a wider work platform, you may want to consider Masonry Scaffolds, which are 5 feet wide with 7-foot centers. To ensure that you select the right scaffolding for the job, please call a Rolls representative at 805-988-8825, or toll-free in California at 1-800-523-4775, to review your project requirements in depth and obtain a quote.

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For more information on selection and Plaster Scaffolding, please visit the pages on Determining Your Needs and Key Features. See This Product in Action! Visit our Scaffold Photo Gallery to browse through photos of Plaster Scaffolding we have erected at our customers’ job sites. Rolls Scaffold offers equipment rental in central and southern California areas including but not limited to, Santa Monica Valencia San Luis Obispo Malibu Bakersfield and more. Contact a Rolls Scaffold representative to discuss your needs today.

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