Scaffolding: Masonry Scaffolding

Since Masonry Scaffolds need to support the weight of not only workers, but also large loads of blocks and bricks, only heavy-duty components are used in erection. Our Masonry Scaffolding will accommodate stress of up to 75 pounds per square foot. Platform width for Masonry Scaffolds is fixed, at 5 feet wide, with 7-foot centers. If your project will not subject scaffolding to this degree of stress, you may be able to use light-duty Plaster Scaffolding or another type of scaffolding. Please call us at 805-988-8825, or toll-free in California at 1-800-523-4775, to review your project requirements in depth and obtain a quote.

Masonry Scaffolding equipment delivery

Rolls Delivery Service Saves Time and Money

With Rolls Scaffold’s modern delivery fleet, you can achieve significant savings before work has even begun. At no extra cost to you, Rolls delivers frames in transportable racks; we also bring along our own forklift to streamline the unloading process, and to avoid tying up any of your lift trucks. This way, you are free to use your lift to move block instead of scaffold throughout the unloading process. For you, the bottom line is improved labor utilization, higher productivity and reduced cost. Rolls Scaffold company covers the entire Southern California area including but not limited to Bakersfield, Santa Monica, Valencia, San Luis Obispo, Malibu and more with prompt, responsible service. Please contact a Rolls representative to discuss the many ways we can help make your job safer, cleaner and more cost-efficient.

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