Rolls Scaffold offers several different types of scaffolding, including Masonry ScaffoldingPlaster ScaffoldingSystem Scaffolding, and Tube & Clamp (also known as Tubeloc) Scaffolding. Though the needs of certain industrial customers can only be met with a Tube & Clamp or System setup, Masonry and Plaster Scaffolding dominate the rental market, and account for approximately 95 percent of our business. Many factors affect scaffolding selection. For example, how wide a working platform is required? Will the scaffolding have to support the weight of concrete blocks or other construction materials, or just the workers and their tools? Are there obstructions or other access difficulties? See Determining Your Scaffold Needs for a list of questions to ask yourself in assessing the specific requirements of your project. Clearly, choosing the right scaffolding rental equipment is a job for experienced professionals. Please consult with a Rolls representative to discuss your needs in depth. Call us at 805-988-8825, or toll-free in California at 1-800-523-4775, to go over your project requirements. Rolls services the following counties: Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and San Diego. The table below explains some of the key differences between the major types of scaffolding:

Type Pounds Per Square Foot Supported Platform Width
Masonry 75 lbs. 5 feet
Can support weight of both workers and construction materials (i.e., blocks)
Plaster 25 lbs. 3 feet
For work involving these trades: plaster, drywall, painting, insulation
System 75 lbs. Adjustable
Ideal for industrial use; e.g., refineries, offshore drilling platforms
Tube & Clamp 50 lbs. Adjustable
Highly flexible choice for industrial settings, but requires expertise to set up

Custom Erection Services

Rolls Scaffold is pleased to offer Custom Scaffolding Erection Services. Many of our customers rely upon this start-to-finish service, in which Rolls professionals take care of your scaffolding needs every step of the way, from design and erection through tear-down.

Scaffolding Accessories

In addition, Rolls’ extensive inventory includes an array of tower options – such as Rolling Towers, Stationary Towers, and Stair Towers – pedestrian protection, and a variety of other Scaffolding Accessories, from OSHA-mandated safety equipment like base plates and guardrails to ladders and trusses. Contact your Rolls Scaffold representative to discuss required and recommended accessories for your project. Rolls scaffold rental and scaffolding accessories in central and southern California areas including but not limited to Bakersfield, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside, San Bernardino, Valencia, and more.


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