Rolls Scaffold, Inc. has proudly served the scaffolding needs of our clients in Southern and Central California since 1958.

Safety Training

Safety Training

We offer safety training classroom settings for scaffolding by a certified safety trainer.

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I have used Rolls Scaffold Inc. on my projects and I am completely satisfied.  Rolls
Scaffold Inc. has great communication skills and is a team player on my projects.
When conditions changed, they worked with us with no attitude and provided great
service.  Their customer service was excellent and some other companies could
learn from the service Rolls Scaffold Inc. provides.

Mike Mitchell

Project Construction Manager

We have used Rolls Scaffolding for years and would not hesitate to recommend them. We have used them for large and small jobs and their professionalism, responsiveness and courteous service always comes through job after job. Their attitude to please and provide a safe product is consistent from job to job.

F. Scott Penn

Renovator, Partnership

I really appreciate the attention you gave us on my last job in Los Angeles. The scaffolding and temporary stairs was set up in a professional and safe manner, your pricing is consistent with the local rates, and your immediate attention was really appreciated. I look forward to working with you and Rolls Scaffold in the future.

Rob H

Project Superintendent

Scaffolding Accessories

There are multiple ways to reach any area, and each may involve varying degrees of safety and risk. That’s why a critical part of every rental consultation is a comprehensive review by a trained Rolls Scaffold representative of the scaffolding accessories needed to complete the project safely. By law, scaffolding rental must include all OSHA-required safety equipment and accessories. In addition, other accessories may be highly recommended due to the unique needs of your project.


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